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Our EF Online Portal

pbf-Nachhaltigkeit-EF-OnlineportalOur platform is one of the leading in Germany and Europe. We offer a very modern web-based front-end which we are continuously developing and which we also include individual customer requests. In addition to common European languages (German, Dutch, French, Spanish, Italian and English), our customer portal provides

  • an information center
  • dashboard functionalities
  • web services
  • document overviews, etc.

The solutions offered enable working capital financing on both sides of the balance sheet. We have a very simple and flexible interface and can therefore process a wide variety of data (open item files with invoices, credit notes, customer master data and limit requests) formats not only digitally, but also automatically.

Therefore, it does not require any investment in additional software, and does not pose any particular technical challenge to your company.

EF Online Webportal EF Online Webportal