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Welcome to one of the leading factoring companies in Germany!


What we do for you

  • We acquire your trade accounts receivable
  • Same-day payment – between 85% and 100% of the invoice amount
  • We offer you security and flexibility for your liquidity planning
  • We protect you 100% against bad debt losses
  • We improve your balance sheet indicators

Your benefits with PB Factoring

  • Increase / improve your liquidity
  • Reduction of your working capital and thus optimization of your balance sheet (lower outstanding receivables; shorter receivables period; lower DSO)
  • Potentially better compliance with covenants (related to credit facilities)
  • 100% protection against bad debts
  • Make better use of discounts
  • Secure financing that is matching your sales

Calculate your advantages by using factoring now

Your clients pay your bill after __ days on average
Your balance sheet equity
Liquidity gain 90% financed within 24h

Without factoring

Balance sheet total in {currency}
Bound capital {currency}
Equity ratio

With factoring

Your balance sheet total in {currency}
Bound capital {currency}
Equity ratio
The calculation example is intended as a first reference point. It should help to better assess the associated benefits. The actual conditions may differ from the results of this calculation. Do you want to know more? We would be happy to make you a tailor-made solution for your company.

Your advantages

  • You reduce your working capital by 90%
  • You improve your equity ratio by 90% (based on this example)
  • This makes it easier for you to comply with covenants (related to credit facilities)
  • You may improve your rating